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Our transformers are of the non explosive, fire-resistant, air insulated, dry type construction, cooled by the natural circulation of air through the windings. Solid insulation in the transformer will consist fo inorganic materials in combination with a sufficient quantity of a high temperature binder to impart the necessary mechanical strength to the insulation structure.

  Technical Specifications
The Transformers in the catalogue fulfil the requirements of IEC 76 and NEMA standards as regards noise level.

High Voltage up to: 24 KV
Rating up to        : 5000 KVA

The core is made from CRGO Silicon Steel laminations coated with an inorganic insulating layer.
The yoke has adujstable pressure plate to clamp the windings. The upper yoke frame has holes by means of which the complete transformer can be lifted.
The windings are made of fible-glass or Nomex insulated copper conductor. They are vaccum impregnated. The coilformer is a glass fibre reinforced cylinder and the high voltage windings are supported against the yoke by glazed porcelain or resin insulators.
The ratio of the transformer is changed by rearranging connection strips on the terminal blocks.
The sub-frame of the transforemer is designed to enable the transformer to be handled by a fork-lift.

  Overload Capacity
After being continuously operated with a 70% load the transformers can be loaded to 120% of the rated power for 3 hours at an ambient temperature of 400C without exceeding the permitted winding temperature.

Our dry type designs have proven their reliability in a wide variety of distribution and power substations. The transformers can be built for practically any application.

  Specially suited for
  Pulp and Paper Mills   Cement Plants   Air Ports
  Mines   Offshore Drilling Rigs   Uitility Network Systems
  Petrochemical Refineries   High-rise Buildings   Supermarkets
  Steel Mills   Hospitals   Nuclear Power Stations
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