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CIN# U31100MH1973PTC016540

Converter Duty/Drive Duty Transformers

Converter Duty/Drive Duty Transformers

Indcoil offers converter transformers. These are designed for one or more output windings connected to the rectifier loads. Drives duty or converter Transformer are multi pulse, multi winding rectifier Transformers for Motor Drives applications. The number of secondary winding feeds a power cell containing 3 phase bridge rectifier. These transformers are supplied to meet the requirement of LV and MV drives and specifically designed to mitigate the effects of harmonics generated by drives.
The transformers are available in Dry as well as Oil.

Segments Supply

  • Industries (Sugar, Mining, Transportation, Textile, cement, steel & Automobile)
  • All Drive OEMs

Technical Specifications

Dry Type (VRI/CRT) Oil Filled
Rating Up to 10 MVA Up to 20MVA
Voltage Class Up to 11kV Up to 33kV
Frequency 50/60 Hz ONAN/ONAF
Cooling AN/AF AN/AF
Vector Group Extended Delta DdOy11, Dyn11-yn11,Dyn11-yn11yn11yn11 & D+15 D+7.5 D+15 D-7.5 on HV Side
Winding Material Aluminium/ Copper Aluminium/ Copper
Insulating Class F/H/C A
No. of Pulse 12,24,36,48 12,24,36