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CIN# U31100MH1973PTC016540

Grounding/Earthing Transformers

Grounding/Earthing Transformers

Indcoil has provided earthling cum auxiliary transformers up to 33kV system voltage in Oil immersed It is a special – purpose transformer with a Zigzag or interconnected star winding.

In 3-ph, 3-w unearth system neutral is not available, so in order to provide ground fault protection earthling transformers is used.

Indcoil Grounding transformers are available with and without auxiliary winding to supply local loads.

Features and Advantages:

  • Vector groups are Yns1 (11), ZNO, ZNyn (11)
  • Provided with off circuit tap changer
  • No phase Displacement
  • Artificial Neutral can be created with this type of transformer to provide protection from grounding faults.

Segments supply

  • Industries
  • EHV Substations

Auto Transformers

An autotransformer has its primary and secondary connected each other electrically. A portion of the energy in an autotransformer comes from this connection while the balance comes directly from the supply An autotransformer is a tapped winding transformer that changes the voltage available locally to the voltage required by a particular load. Indcoil auto Transformers are also used for starting of large indication motors.

Features and Advantages

  • Its efficiency is more when compared with the conventional one.
  • Its size is relatively very smaller.
  • Voltage regulation of auto transformer is much better.
  • Lower cost
  • Low requirements of excitation current.

Segments Supply

  • Power Stations
  • Industries
  • Railways