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CIN# U31100MH1973PTC016540

Scott-Tee Transformers

Scott-Tee Transformers

A Scott – Tee Transformer is a type of connection used to derive two – phase electric power (90 deg phase rotation) from a three phase source or vice – versa. The Scott Tee transformers reduce unbalance on source side for single phase loads.

Features and Advantages:

  • 3phase to 2phase conversion.
  • Automatic control with 2 phase OLTC.
  • Off circuit tap changer on LV & HV.
  • Used for heat tracing of pipelines carrying chemicals and liquids.
  • Light in weight compare to 3ph distribution transformer.
  • Can be used for two different single phase loads.
  • Available in Oil and Dry construction.

Segments Supply:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Railways

Technical Specifications

Rating Up to 5MVA
Primary Voltage 50/60 Hz
Frequency 3
Cooling ONAN, AN
Vector Group Scott- T
Winding Material Copper/Aluminium
Tapping Off circuit or OLTC
Construction Features Conventional Tank Mounted/ Hermetically sealed type/ Dry Type